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Terms of Sales
Le Paradis Bed and Breakfast and Gîte

Article 1 – LEGAL NOTICES 

Mrs. Delphine COFFY, Individual Entrepreneur operating under the trade name PARADIS, specializing in tourist accommodation and other short-term accommodation, registered in the ANNECY Trade and Companies Register under number 483791547, whose head office is located at 1128 Route from Fornasse to CORNIER (74800). Tel: 0781800013 – email: –       www.


These General Conditions of Sale apply automatically to the following services: tourist accommodation and other short-term accommodation; as well as wedding services. They apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, and in particular those applicable to sales on the internet or through other marketing channels. 

These General Conditions of Sale are valid without territorial limit and for an unlimited duration. They take effect on the day of the signature of a contract, or the reservation of the stay by the Customer. Prior to this date and in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.112-1, L.112-2 and L.141-1 of the Consumer Code, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are made available to all customers for information purposes. . PARADIS reserves the right to modify and develop the General Conditions of Sale at any time.  


The purpose of the sole proprietorship is tourist accommodation and other short-term accommodation. As such, Mrs. Delphine COFFY offers various services such as short-term accommodation but also services in the context of marriage. 

Regarding weddings, all services are governed by a contract concluded between the parties. However, these General Conditions of Sale are inseparable from the contract relating to wedding services.  


Stays are guaranteed by receipt of a deposit of 50% of the price of the service. The deposit will be cashed upon receipt. The payment of the deposit implies the acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale. The Customer can pay this deposit by check, bank card or by bank transfer. 

Article 5 – PRICES 

Prices are firm and final. Unless there are special conditions specific to the sale, the prices of the services provided are those listed on the PARADIS website. They are expressed in legal currencies and stipulated all taxes included. Tourist taxes and cleaning costs are added to these prices, under the conditions indicated on the PARADIS website and in its internal regulations.  


The balance of the stay in a guest room or in the gîte is to be paid on the day of the Customer's departure. A detailed invoice will be given to the Client. In any case, the invoices are payable in full according to the payment deadline set by article L.441-6 of the Commercial Code, at the head office of PARADIS, unless otherwise agreed. In the latter case, the specific terms of payment are specified on the invoice. In the event of payment on a date prior to the date(s) resulting from the terms previously set, no discount will be granted. Payment can be made by bank transfer, check, card or direct debit. 

In the event of payment by direct debit, the customer will send by post a duly completed SEPA direct debit mandate as well as a bank account statement (RIB) to PARADIS. The customer undertakes to communicate, at the time of any conclusion of a contract, 

accurate and complete banking information. In the event of changes to this information, the Customer must notify the Company.
In the event of non-payment on the due date, penalties equal to the semi-annual key rate (Refi rate) of the European Central Bank (ECB), in force on 1 January or 1 July depending on the date of the order increased by 10 points: i.e. 10 .05%. They will be applied from the day following the payment date shown on the invoice or, failing that, on the 31st day following the end of the performance of the service. Late payment penalties are payable without a reminder being necessary. Pursuant to Article D.441-5 of the Commercial Code, in the event of late payment, the debtor will be automatically liable to his creditor, in addition to the late payment penalties, already provided for by law. , a fixed compensation for recovery costs of 40 euros. Any payment made to PARADIS is deducted from the sums due whatever the cause, starting with those which are due the oldest. In the absence of any payment of the price on its due date, PARADIS may request the payment of damages.  


The gîtes and guest rooms are available from 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. In the event of a request to arrive before or after this time, the Customer must contact PARADIS by telephone or e-mail to find out about the possibility; it being specified that any additional hour beyond these hours will be invoiced at 15 €. In the absence of agreement from the establishment, PARADIS reserves the right to refuse entry before 4:00 p.m. In the case of an arrival after 10:00 p.m., without the agreement of PARADIS, the night will be considered as lost and invoiced. 

The return of the cottage or guest rooms must be done no later than 10:00 am. Any departure after this time will result in the invoicing of 15 € per overtime. 

The state of cleanliness of the lodging on the arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory. A cleaning fee is included as part of the said service.  


Article 7 - STATE OF PLAY 

An inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the Client and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure from the gîte. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory.  


Upon arrival of the tenant, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the front of this contract, is requested by the owner. After the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, this deposit is returned, after deducting the cost of restoring the premises if damage was noted. 

In the event of early departure (prior to the time mentioned on this contract) preventing the establishment of the inventory on the day of the tenant's departure, the security deposit is returned by the owner within a period not exceeding not a week. 

needs. The garden is a space for play and rest. If the dog needs exceptionally in the garden, the owner agrees to clean / pick up immediately. Out of respect for everyone and for the calm that must prevail within the premises of the establishment, the owner of the animal undertakes to stop the barking if it becomes untimely. Finally, the dog will not be allowed to stay alone during the day in the room or the gîte. The animal will be under the full responsibility of its owner.  

Article 9 – PETS 

Dogs are accepted only with the authorization of the establishment and provided that they weigh less than 10 kg. A supplement of 10 € per day and per animal will be requested. Without the agreement of the establishment, PARADIS grants itself the right to refuse entry to the establishment; it being specified that the stay will remain the responsibility of the Client. 

The owner of the animal undertakes to pay for the damage caused by his pet in his reserved accommodation and on the entire site of the establishment. The owner of the pet undertakes to make his animal sleep in his basket/bed provided for this purpose and to bring the necessary in order to guarantee the cleanliness of the premises. Bed access is not permitted. 

Whether it's the gîte or the guest rooms, the owner agrees to take his animal out for a walk and make him do his business.

Article 10 – CANCELLATION 

In the event of cancellation by the Client, the amount of the deposit paid is refundable up to 14 days before the Client's arrival. After this time, the deposit will not be refundable. Wedding service contracts may regulate cancellations differently. 

In the event of cancellation by PARADIS, the latter pays the tenant the sums paid.  

Article 11 – FORCE MAJEURE 

In the event of force majeure, as defined in article 1218 of the Civil Code, the parties may agree to cancel or postpone the service, without warning or formalities. The parties agree that in the event of cancellation for force majeure, the Customer may postpone the service for one year. These provisions also apply in the event that one of the Customers is positive for COVID-19 or in the event that new confinement or new health restrictions are put in place.  

Article 12 – COMPLAINTS 

To be admissible, any complaint must be duly substantiated and notified to PARADIS headquarters by registered letter with notice of 

receipt within eight days following the date of reservation of the stay, public holidays included, date of the post office serving as proof. After this date, no request will be considered.  


The Customer expressly accepts the General Conditions of Sale. He declares to be aware of it and waives the right to avail himself of any other document.  


In the event of disputes of any nature whatsoever and specifically when the clientele is a merchant, exclusive jurisdiction is conferred on the Commercial Court of Annecy (74000), even in the event of multiple defendants, even by way of recourse in guarantee or appeal in question. Any other jurisdiction clause will be deemed null and void. All transactions entered into by PARADIS are governed exclusively by French law to the exclusion of all other foreign jurisdictions. 

NOTE: This article does not apply to beneficiaries of the provisions of articles L-121-21 to L-121-33 of the Consumer Code and in this case, this clause is considered null and void.  



The Customer may resort to conventional mediation, in particular with:
27 Liberation Avenue 

Tel: 09 88 30 27 72

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